This is remarkable – I am the creative spark behind this site, but the flames are spreading and there will be a raging inferno of contribution I will be eagerly fanning and fueling!

If you are enticed or intrigued by this whole idea and want to participate, great! Pretty soon (someday soon!) you can do more than just comment in this blog – you will be able to see what SomeDay projects are planned and pending, what actions are being taken and the litany of reasons why these actions have not previously been undertaken.

You will also be able to add your own projects, in as much detail as you desire, and pick a target someday that works for you, and then.. well, someday is rapidly approaching and you can see you custom countdown timer for your own project right on the page.

You can opt to receive reminders of actions you have planned, and milestones as they approach and pass, and with simple replies update the status of your project. And of course, any time you log in to your project, you get to augment all of it to your hearts desire. Even pick another SomeDay as the target… or delete the whole thing and pretend it never happened.

There will be more, much more, that can be done, and that is just what I’ve already conceived of. As people start to contribute, and this gets traction in the community and world at large, a whole plethora of new and exciting features and wrinkles I haven’t even have an inkling of will be proposed and implemented.